Serge Maurice Lobreau

Serge became Founder and Chairman of Sapian Group and Founder and CEO of Flash Group in 2015, with a vision from past banking and wealth management experiences, to build a value add solution for the Banked, unbanked and under banked population, with cutting edge solutions to enable the company mantra of “financial inclusion and beyond.”

Serge Maurice Lobreau's journey thus far was no easy walk in the park. Being born in the politically troubled Republic of Congo, known for its mining and precious metals resources, he eventually managed to leave to France with his family in 1989, at the young age of 10, for further education. His entrepreneurial skills were visible at a very young age, as he started working at a local radio station in Paris, selling radio marketing ads. He also did various services for UHNWIs, requiring exposure via media and social marketing. Despite having a part time work whilst studying, he managed to successfully complete 3 degrees, and with dedicated commitment to graduate, he achieved BA in Law, Economics and Finance. He then continued to a Masters in International Financial markets, which specialised in financial control and derivatives markets. This formed a sound foundation in his future career in client management, banking, hedge fund management and entrepreneurship.

His 15 years of experience started within the hedge fund sector, where due to his excellent thesis started during his Master’s degree on derivative based wealth creation, made its way to being head hunted to another important role to sell major restructuring and derivatives based financial products at a country level. Wishing to change from that highly political sector, he explored the popular technology sector to work for Microsoft at their European HQ in Ireland, as a project manager which created a strong foundation for his career in technology. However, it brought him back to his calling into the banking world again, working with major international banks.

As he started a new family, he then decided to move back to France and work for Credit Agricole. Throughout his banking and wealth management career, managing over $2.5 B in AUM and over 800 corporate accounts with a minimum turnover of €12M, Serge was always on top of his game as a leading account manager. Some of his tasks and responsibilities in this corporate finance role ranged from economic modelling, banking, risk management, financial planning and wealth management, dealing with institutions and UHNWIs, The later part of that time at credit Agricole, he was introduced to network marketing of products which managed to succeed with ease due to his client management and relationship skills, earning a six figure income monthly on a part time basis. The income and lifestyle made him start his full time entrepreneur journey, with a move to Gold mines from a request made by a former client. He reconnected to his roots and relatives in the republic of Congo, to commence the Gold trading business.

Like all serial entrepreneurs, Serge too had his ups and downs, with several challenges in business. He wisened up over time, always stronger and more positive, towards his vision development. The passion to continuous development led him to the blockchain and crypto currency certification as Blockchain architect. He spent the next 2 years learning and researching various businesses that included gold mining, gold refining and asset management, real estate, network marketing, blockchain, crypto currencies, fashion, hospitality and even eco water production systems for the poor in Africa.

Serge is currently a recognised blockchain and asset pegged token founder of Flash Group, with its ICO that raised $72M in July 2018, with one of the earliest gold pegged coins in the world, the OZTG. The ecosystem of the Flash Group and Sapian Group is much talked about in the industry at various thought leaders blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi conferences globally. The financial wealth creation, health and even corporate social responsibility based ecosystem of the group of companies is the envy of many startups in such a short space of time. Like any startup and innovative visionary company that wishes to make a difference in the world and add value, his stubborn attention to detail on the clients’ user interface and experience has led to some truly quality products recently launched, and several more in the pipeline to follow. The group is now poised to grow and rollout various health and wealth related products and services, via a unique network marketing model, which Serge understands like no other in the marketplace.