Use of Cookies

Version: 29/10/19

This Cookie Policy describes how Sapian Group uses cookies and similar technologies on the website and relevant mobile applications (the “Website”), what type of cookies is used, how to control cookies, and other related terms. This Website is governed and operated by Sapian Group registration number 196344, having its legal address at PO BOX 123004 Dubaï, UAE (“Sapian Group”, “we” or “us”).

This Cookie Policy is the integral part of the Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”). All capitalized terms used in the Terms shall apply to this Cookie Policy with the same meanings as in the Terms.

By browsing, accessing and using our Website and Services, you agree to proceed on the basis of this Cookie Policy and you agree with the conditions of processing the User’s personal data contained in this document.

1. About Cookies

Like many websites we use cookie and other similar technologies (“cookie”). A “cookie” is a piece of information in the form of a small text file that is placed on a user’s hard drive. It is generated by a web page server, which is basically the computer that operates a web site. The information the cookie contains is set by the server and it can be used by that server whenever the user visits the Website. A cookie can be thought of as the user’s identification card, which tell the Website when the user has returned.

Cookies are not computer programs or codes, they are not used to transfer viruses. Modern versions of browsers allow users to reject or opt out of receiving cookies as detailed below.

2. The Cookies used on the website

The type of cookies used on the Website can be classified as follows:

Essential First Party Cookies

Essential First Party Cookies are strictly necessary cookies that enable you to browse the Website and use its tools and features. These essential cookies allow us to provide you with the services you have requested. With this type of cookies, you may log into your account on the Website and access other secure areas of the Website. Without them you may not be able to use our Website partially or in whole.

Who services these essential first party cookies: and related top domain names.

Please note that because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the Services to you, you cannot refuse them.

Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies are not personally identifiable cookies. They allow users to navigate through the pages and while navigating, these cookies collect information about which pages you visit and how you use online services. This allows us to improve our services and your user experience with us.


Security cookies are used in order to enable security features, and to detect any violations of our Terms.

3. What are the purposes we use Cookies for?

Based on the above, we use cookies to:

  • allow users navigate through pages and use our Services;
  • remember user’s preferences;
  • enable security features;
  • improve the Website and user experience.
4. How can I control Cookies?

If you wish to delete any cookies that are placed on your computer, you may refer to the help and support section in your internet browser. Modern browsers allow users to reject, delete or opt out of receiving cookies. However, it should be noted that if cookies are placed by third party websites, you must manage these cookies directly from the relevant third party.

For more information about cookies and how you can opt out, you can visit:

By deleting, rejecting or opting out of receiving future cookies, you may not be able to enjoy all features of the Website and to access certain areas of the Website.

5. How long does a Cookie stay on your device?

The length of time a cookie will stay on your computer depends on whether such cookie is a session or permanent cookie.

6. Session Cookie

Session cookie is usually stored as a session ID during the user’s browsing session and is not personally identifiable. Session cookies are never written on the hard drive. When user completes the session and closes the browser, these cookies are automatically deleted from the user’s computer. Session cookies expire at the end of the user's browser session and can also become no longer accessible after the session has been inactive for a specified length of time, usually 20 minutes.

7. Permanent Cookie

Unlike session cookie, permanent cookie is stored on the user’s computer even after the user’s browser is closed. Permanent cookies allow to remember user’s preferences to be used in the future browsing sessions.

By its nature permanent cookie can be used to identify individual users and analyse user’s surfing behavior on the Website. They are usually stored for a prolonged period of time, in some cases many years into the future.

8. Third party Cookies

Please be aware that some cookies are placed on your computer by third parties, other than Sapian Group. We do not control such cookies as well as how such third parties use cookies. These cookies are used by third parties to provide services to us. You may collect more information on how these third parties use cookies and disable them by visiting their own third party’s cookie and privacy policies.

9. Contact us

If you have any questions, recommendations or want to leave a feedback in connection with this Cookie Policy, please contact our customer support or send us your email at [email protected].